About Us

BRB: building construction company in Milan

BRB Costruzioni Edili Srl is a young and dynamic construction company in Milan that proposes itself as the creator, developer and builder of construction projects, applying the most modern technologies in the sector.

We mainly deal with public buildings, infrastructures, private buildings thanks to the work of skilled and specialised manpower directly employed by us and supported by our technical office.

Since 2016, we have also been operating by applying dry construction techniques, also taking care of the interior finishes.

Our staff is currently made up of about 40 people including carpenters, masons, unskilled workers, scaffolders, technical and managerial workers. This workforce, depending on the requests of the clients and the amount of work that is acquired, can be implemented to cope even with large construction sites.

The BRB Costruzioni Edili Srl company also makes use of external loyal professional studies for the management of construction sites in the field of safety and occupational medicine, which provide for the preparation of all the technical/administrative documentation required by current regulations of construction sites and normally requested by our customers before the commencement of the work entrusted. They are also responsible for constantly monitoring and updating both the health aspect of employees (medical examinations, health checks, etc.) and that relating to the professional training certificates of individual employees (crane operators, scaffolders, site managers, emergency workers, RLS, basic courses, periodic updates, etc.) to operate in compliance with the law.


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