Milano – Niguarda Hospital

‘Niguarda Hospital Ca’ Granda (since 2017 called Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda) was inaugurated on 10 October 1939: the name derives from the administrative link with the Hospital Maggiore Ca’ Granda, the oldest hospital in Milan that has been in logistical and organizational renewal for years. The Maggiore Hospital had moved from its old seat and had already opened the first pavilions of the University Polyclinic Hospital; however, a new generalist hospital was missing. Niguarda responds to this need and that of giving the city a hospital in an expanding and easily accessible area, the area of Niguarda north of Milan.

In this hospital, building and plant works were carried out in preparation for the installation of biplanar angiographic systems. Area of intervention Department of Neurosurgery pavillion 16 “Rossini” angiographic room A and B.