Savigliano (CN) – SS. Annuziata Hospital

The first news of the existence of a hospital in Savigliano dates back to 1200, and is taken from an act (instrument) of 26 August 1279 with which a certain Nicolino Gallesio buys from Nicolino Gallateri a house “cui coheret hospitale Sancti Petri”. Subsequently there is news of various hospitals run by lay associations either called confratrie or fratire, either confrerie, or brotherhoods. These lay or religious associations, had humanitarian aims, charitably supporting the poor, pilgrims, orphans, widows and the sick. In 1325 there is news of a hospital in the Rumacra region (Macra village) held by the Order of the Hospitaller friars of St. Anthony. Towards the middle of 1500 there were more than 10 confratrie known with different denominations: Confraternita maior, Sancte Andrea de Ripis, Minor, Picta, Sancti Petri, Plebis, S. Johannis, De Soleris, De Marenis, etc. In 1560 the citizens decided to give a single seat to the public health initially identified in the Confreria rumacrae, the ancient hospital of the Antonian friars. This building, however, was used for a few years and then the hospital was transferred to the old Confreria of St.Peter, where today stands the Milanollo theater.
Here, following a resolution adopted by the Major Council of the City of Savigliano on Monday, January 1, 1560, and with the approval of Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and the Archdiocesan Curia of Turin, was born the current Hospital under the title of SS. Announced Virgin.

In this structure have been carried out building and plant works preparatory to the set-up of a room suitable for hosting.

A portable radiological system required to the department of Cardiology of the SS. Annunziata Hospital of Savigliano (CN).

Plant design, construction works and structures: Ghidotti Impianti S.r.l.