Cesano Boscone (MI) – Demas

DEMAS MILANO is a multi-brand showroom located in Via B. Croce, 13 – 20090 Cesano Boscone (Milan) specialized in clothing and accessories with a choice that is unmatched for quantity and prices that are also accessible for young couples. The long history and experience has allowed over the years to select the most important and sought-after brands on the Italian and international scene as well as creating a DEMAS line designed to meet all the needs of sizes and models that some brands can not guarantee. The DEMAS project has been an important success and today DEMAS MILANO is already an established brand in formal wear, with clothes and accessories.
The customer needed a complete renovation with the complete makeover not only of the structure and facades but of the electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and bathrooms, also rethinking the distribution layout.
Several works were also necessary on the outside, enlarging the part of the perimeter flooring to the structure to increase the space available to customers.